Computer Repairs Servces

Networking Implementing for Home, Office and Busines Center!!!
At BizLinks International We have qualified technicians who specialized in computers repairs and Networking Implementing for Home, Office and Busines Center. We have a wide range of computer components for the replacement / expansion of your computer, . pc repairs

  • Network Design.
  • Structured Wireless / Wired Networking.
  • Implementation and maintenance of the entire network.
  • Internet Sharing through a proxy.
  • Internet sharing through a router (wireless or not).
  • Remote Access.
  • Storage.

  • Consulting for better performance of your LAN or WAN
  • Structured networks. Technical support
  • Extension and repair motherboards.
  • Extension and repair memory, hard drives.
  • Power Supply Repair.
  • Installing and configuring the operating system (Windows 98/2000/2003 Server / XP, Linux etc).
  • Installation and configuration of all applications and suites.
  • Operating System Updates.
  • Detection, cleaning and disinfection of all types of viruses, adware, spyware and rootkits.
  • ADSL, Local Area Network Custom settings of the Internet,
  • Installing printers, scanners, modems and routers.
  • Physical cleaning inside / outside team.
  • In any of our services can help you with problems such as:
  • Installation, configuration and maintenance of Software.
  • Inspection and testing of the existence of backups.
  • Verification of the updated antivirus.
  • Control of the existence of spyware (spybots).
  • Detecting and cleaning viruses.
  • System Optimization: clean and optimize the registry, cleaners, etc..
  • Check connection of equipment, network and Internet access.
  • Internet: ADSL, Email, browsing, FTP, etc..
  • Install and configure printers for Home, Office and Busines Center.
  • Verification of operating system updates.
  • Installing and configuring peripherals.


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