Joomla Installation Service

"what is Joomla?" Joomla is a dynamic Content Management System (CMS ) that lets you create web sites with high user interactivity, professionalism and efficiency. Joomla administration is entirely based on online content management ... We say "online management" because all the actions that will make a Joomla site administrator, whether to modify, add, or remove content on your site, is done exclusively with the use of a web browser (browser) connected to the Internet, ie via HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol).

This is simply necessary for the Joomla user to publish information injoomla the Global Network, and keep them updated and fresh. This makes Joomla a powerful tool for the dissemination of Information, "online marketing", and Internet business. It is so simple and user friendly administrative interface of Joomla, anyone can manage their own Web content without requiring technical knowledge, without programming skills in HTML, and without having to resort to a webmaster to help you, every time there to update content on a website.

All technical aspects of the system are hidden from the common user, and have been resolved by the developers of Joomla, doing things as simple as possible for administrators and content editors do not have to be some experts in the Joomla system. Joomla is programmed in PHP (Hypertext Pre Processor) and SQL (Structure Query Language). Use relational databases, specifically using MySQL. Both are programs PHP and Mysql Opensource free distribution and use, and being a Web Application Joomla works obviously web servers (HTTP Servers).

Based on this philosophy we can say also open source Joomla data centers will run better on whose platforms are Linux / Unix and whose servers are Apache HTTP. This is not going to say that Joomla does not work on Windows platform with IIS (Internet Information Server, Microsoft), but it does with all its power and features in Unix / Apache. Today, any hosting service supports all the requirements listed above, so do not worry about it. The operation of Joomla is carried out thanks to its two main elements, namely: 1. Mysql database: this is where all information is saved and most of the configuration of the system in an orderly and different tables, which each stores specific information and determined. 2.The PHP scripts: they are running the consultation activities and make changes to the database by converting data into interpretable simple web pages for Internet browsers (browsers) and perfectly intelligible to users and administrators sailors. There are also other files that carry out important tasks in Joomla (XML files, scripts JS Javascript, CSS, etc.), but the key driver of all CMS (and Joomla in particular) are the two listed above. As I said on another occasion, with Joomla you just need to worry about creating content that you post on your site, because the system will manage the rest as for example: * Organize your website, what you will do from the administrator panel through the creation of sections and categories are necessary, * Publish content through an editor that allows you to give the look you want for your text, * provide it with new features, then you have to use free software, implement to your site, * Appearance your site, you can change in minutes with the many templates (Templates) that is your choice, * Sailing very comfortable for the user, because you can easily create or modify your menus, modules and components * to implement on your website very easily, and also to put in the place of your choice * Many other utilities such as polls, calendar, complete statistics of your visits and all that comes to mind, as there is a lot of free utilities for use. From everything I have to explain, easily deducted that the Joomla CMS is highly recommended for the design and publication of a website very easily and efficiently, especially for those who want something simple.

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